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Who is HRASA?

The Heritage Railway Association of Southern Africa – HRASA – is a volunteer run industry association. We are here to assist and guide our members, who may be any organisation that is heritage rail related and is preserving or helping the community and supporters to understand and enjoy this rich rail-based history and living legacy.


“To be the recognised representative body for the benefit and support of its members and oversight of the heritage rail preservation and heritage rail tourism industry in Southern Africa”.

Mission Statement

  • To represent its members’ interests to rail authorities, other statutory bodies, all tiers of Government and other bodies.
  • To maintain high standards by requiring members to conform to the relevant applicable standards and Codes of Practice and Conduct (including HRASA).
  • To provide professional advice, a full information service and other such help and assistance as may be appropriate.
  • To provide a forum for sharing information and experience by organising open meetings and seminars.
  • To help members to develop their business to include tourism, economic development and skills development programmes.
  • To encourage and assist members to develop education policies and practices.
  • To encourage excellence by recognising achievements through a designated awards programme.
  • To encourage and assist members on all aspects of their activities, including establishing and maintaining rational collecting, interpretation, archiving and operational policies.


HRASA Membership

HRASA offers various grades of membership, designed to cater for specific individual needs and aspirations of members.

commercial operators

Commercial operators and parastatal organisations that operate on all lines and who maintain rolling stock and/or locomotives of any type.

heritage operators

Heritage organisations not-for-gain that operate on all lines and own, lease and maintain rolling stock and/or locomotives of any type.

Carrier operators

Organisations that own or lease rail and/or heritage equipment and that operate on private lines, or who lease equipment to run on national lines, or that are directly involved in the promotion of the heritage railway industry.

Individual membership

Individuals having relevant expertise pertaining to HRASA’s aims and activities.

Support organisations


Associations, companies, clubs and museums that supply relevant services, goods and/or support to Category A and B members

Associate Membership


Organisations and/or individuals who are unable to subscribe or who cannot qualify for other levels of membership, but display a keen interest in or have an intrinsic link  to HRASA’s activities, subscribe to HRASA’s objectives and wish to  maintain close links with the Industry are offered this category of membership at the invitation of the HRASA Board of Directors. 

NOTE: Associate Members do not have Voting Rights and cannot hold office. NO fee is applicable and membership is renewed annually at the discretion of the HRASA Board.

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Postal address: Unit 6332, Erinvale Estate, Somerset West, 7130

Email address: bod@hrasa.co.za

Phone: +27 82 294 4684