“To be the recognised representative body for the benefit and support of its members and oversight of the heritage rail preservation and heritage rail tourism industry in Southern Africa”.


1. To represent its members’ interests to rail authorities, other statutory bodies, all tiers of Government and other bodies.

2. To maintain high standards by requiring members to conform to the relevant applicable standards and Codes of Practice and Conduct (including HRASA).

3. To provide professional advice, a full information service and other such help and assistance as may be appropriate.

4. To provide a forum for sharing information and experience by organising open meetings and seminars.

5. To help members to develop their business to include tourism, economic development and skills development programmes.

6. To encourage and assist members to develop education policies and practices.

7. To encourage excellence by recognising achievements through a designated awards programme.

8. To encourage and assist members on all aspects of their activities, including establishing and maintaining rational collecting, interpretation, archiving and operational policies.